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***SOLD*** - OKUMA LU 45M - OSP P200LA - TOP Condition

– Steuerung / Control: OSP P200LA

– Baujahr / Year of Construction: 2013

– Verfügbarkeit / Availabiltiy: Direkt Verfügbar/ directly available

– Standort / Location: Showroom Bergisch Gladbach!

– Spindelstunden / Spindle-Hours: 4500 Spindel-Stunden / 4500 Spindle-Hours Zustand Top!! //Spindle Hours

– Zustand / Condition: Top-Zustand / Top-Condition

– Werkzeuge / Tools: Reichhaltiges Werkzeug und Backen Packet inklusive, auch Angetriebene Werkzeuge eingeschlossen! / Plenty of Tools plus Jaw Package and driven Tools included

– Futter / Chuck: Rota NC

– Revolver / Turret: Doppelrevolver Maschine (A Turret V12/B-Turret V10 VDI50) / Double Turret Machine (A Turret V12/B-Turret V10 VDI50)

– Reitstock/Tailstock

– Drehlänge / Center Distance: 1000

– Touchsetter Marpos

– A Revolver mit Angetriebenen Werkzeugen/Driven Tools

Are you looking for a OKUMA machine? – Then we are your partner!
We do have a large selection of OKUMA machines on stock – We can provide you every kind of machine – Lathe; Milling; Machining Center .
All machines are technically checked by our technicians and can be visited under power at our facility

With our big experience we can fully consult you.

Your NEFF – The Okuma Specialists & Team

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